• Living In Community

    What does it mean to live in community as a group of believers? Given that we’re all so different, how do we get along in

  • What Is A Successful Life?

    We like to think we’re in charge of our own lives, and there are lots of ways we evaluate ourselves to see if we’re doing

  • Missed Opportunities

    Against all odds and the prevailing trends of the day, King Asa of Judah did everything right. His steadfast devotion to God brought 35 years

  • Called Out of the World

    Going through the Book of Revelation, people often focus on the disasters and wars and judgments that fill the middle of the book. And yet

  • Characteristics of Jesus, the Better High Priest

    Imagine what it must have been like to be told that everything you believed in needed to change. Steve told us that Hebrews was a

  • Ambassadors For Jesus Christ

    As followers of Christ, the Bible calls us ambassadors. But what is an ambassador and how would we live out that calling? Ambassadors live in

  • Jesus Says “Follow Me”

    Jesus calls us to follow him. On the one hand, he asks us to renounce all we have and take up the cross to follow

  • Faith In Adversity

    In the midst of difficult times, Naomi and her family left God’s people to try for a better life in Moab, the nation of Israel’s

  • The Righteous One

    We live in a world of upheaval, uncertainty and injustice. People align themselves to causes, especially if they don’t have to actually do anything and

  • A Template for Leadership

    Moses’ life gives us many examples of how to lead (and a few of how not to lead). Listen to the lessons from the battle