• Isn’t the Bible a Myth?

    From “The Reason for God” on RightNow Media: Conversations on Faith and Life: This six-session small group Bible study captures live and unscripted conversations between

  • Foretelling Easter

    There were dozens of times Jesus explained to his disciples how he was going to suffer and die, and then rise again. Sometimes it was

  • Is God Real?

    Have a look at the evidence, from nature, from historical writings, and even from other religions that all point to Jesus’ existence.

  • Finish The Race

    Facing the end of his life, the apostle Paul comes to an inescapable conclusion: life is hard, especially for a Christian, and yet there is

  • Troublesome Times

    What do you do in troubled times, when the world around you is unsettled? Paul has some advice for Timothy: hold on to Scripture, persevere

  • Coaching The Race

    Paul’s first letter to Timothy was about instructions to the church, whereas his second letter was about instructions to Timothy personally. Here Paul resembles a

  • A Sincere Faith

    There are so many things that can lead us into fear: broken relationships, suffering, loss of freedom, unanswered prayer. And yet God has given us

  • Standard of Godliness

    After expounding on godliness throughout the letter of 1 Timothy, the apostle Paul concludes with a final chapter describing how godliness applies to everyday living.

  • How We Treat Others

    Continuing his instructions to Timothy, the apostle Paul teaches us how to treat others in the church, and perhaps it’s no surprise to hear that

  • The Mystery of Godliness

    Paul continues his instructions to Timothy, telling him to pursue godliness. What does that mean for us, considering “we have set our hope on the