• Guard Your Heart

    Even more important than our mind, the Bible instructs us to guard our heart. Starting with what we hold to heart, God wants our whole

  • Effective Evangelism

    Listen as Greg presents these practical steps to follow in evangelism: Pray for people. Watch out for people who encounter God, where it opens their

  • Repentance is the Path to Revival

    Listen as Greg outlines four steps to spiritual revival. His challenge: What are you hearing from the word of God, and are you obeying it?

  • The Reality of Christianity

    Is Christianity real? Wrapping up this series on apologetics, Rob summarizes our confidence in Jesus’ resurrection, in the truth of the Bible, in God’s acts

  • The Truth About Atheists

    What would you say if an atheist challenged your deepest convictions about God and the Bible? In this session Sean role plays an atheist, raises

  • Why I Believe (video series)

    Scripture calls Christians to “be prepared” to give answers to anyone who asks about the faith. Are you prepared? Or do you feel ill-equipped? The

  • A Let-Us Diet

    Peter Kerr takes us through seven “Let Us” commands in the Bible, directions to take our focus off ourselves and off the circumstances surrounding us,

  • A New Way of Seeing

    Looking back at all that’s happened in 2020, it’s easy to get discouraged or afraid. On the eve of his betrayal, arrest and execution, Jesus

  • The Importance of Jesus’ Birth

    Why was Jesus’ birth so important? The Bible gives us a lot of details about his birth, which is how we know that God considers

  • God Sees Me

    Remember when the Lord spoke to the woman at the well? No, not the Samaritan woman. The first woman at the well, way back in