• Making Sense Of The Times We Live In

    Is this corona virus a sign of the end times? Is it a judgment from God? And why all this suffering? Listen as Richard takes

  • Happiness

    We sometimes make the distinction between joy, as a deeply spiritual thing, and happiness, as a merely secular thing. But the words for joy, happiness,

  • Psalm 101

    Note: This was part of our virtual Sunday service on Zoom. Please contact us if you’d like to join in with our virtual services.

  • Easter Perspectives: Mary

    Mary Magdalene was such a nondescript, ordinary person. And yet she had the extraordinary experience of being the first to see Jesus alive, risen from

  • Easter Perspectives: John and Thomas

    Listen as Gordie and Ryan reenact the chaotic events of the Easter week in Jerusalem, as seen through the eyes of the disciples John and

  • Easter Perspectives: Peter

    Peter, the disciple of Jesus, was known for triumphs of faith and profound failures. A good way to frame his story is where Peter meets

  • Easter Perspectives: Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod

    Jesus was put through three religious trials. These were dominated by adherence to rituals and traditions, with a strong desire to maintain the status quo.

  • Easter Perspectives: Judas

    Judas Iscariot is infamous for betraying Jesus. He’s even introduced as “the betrayer” in all four Gospels. But why did he end up that way,

  • A Heart After God

    King David was known as a man after God’s own heart. But what did God really see in David? As we look at his faith,

  • MSC

    MSC Canada exists to engage and enable each generation to impact the world for Christ through Local Church Driven Missions. We’re here to engage –