Eagle Street Christian Fellowship …


God calls us to a journey of transformation. We come as we are – and anyone can join us – but thankfully our Creator loves us too much to leave us as we are!  God’s words (the Bible) set the course and He can be trusted to lead us right.


We are a diverse group of people but, like many other churches in Cambridge and countless others worldwide, with a shared identity of faith in God through Jesus Christ.  Our local church is simply learning to ‘do life’ together like a family.


God has given us a purpose for living and we want to pursue it with all our heart, strength, and mind


We are focused on Jesus.

We have examined the evidence - His teaching, actions, claims, integrity, death, and resurrection as described in the Bible - and we are convinced that He is true.  He really is “God with us”!

We know him as “Saviour”, believing that His life, death, resurrection and return is the only hope for the world.  We have also been personally rescued by Him … finding forgiveness, a restored relationship with God, a new way to live, and confidence that even death won’t separate us from God.

We know him as “Lord”.  We trust Him to take charge of our lives and change us, and He promises to be with us always!


We want others – locally and globally – to see Jesus in us and through us … so that everyone will want to know Him better.


Next Steps

  • Was Jesus a Real Person?

    Did Jesus Christ really exist, or is Christianity a legend built upon a fictitious character like Harry Potter? For nearly two thousand years most of our world has considered Jesus a real man who had exceptional character, leadership and power over nature. But today some are saying he never existed.

  • Is Jesus Relevant Today?

    Many think that Jesus Christ wants us to become religious. They think Jesus came to take all the fun out of life, and give us impossible rules to live by. They are willing to call him a great leader from the past, but say he is not relevant to their

  • Is Jesus Coming Back?

    Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus took his disciples to the Mount of Olives, where he was lifted up into the clouds out of their sight. While they were gazing up in bewilderment, two men in white apparel (angels) told them, Men of Galilee, why are you standing here staring

  • Has Science Discovered God?

    Einstein didn’t believe it was possible. Stephen Hawking said it might be the greatest scientific discovery of all time. What discovery has baffled the greatest scientific minds of the past century, and why has it caused them to rethink the origin of our universe? New, more powerful, telescopes have revealed

  • Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

    We all wonder what will happen to us after we die. When a loved one dies, we long to see him or her again after our turn comes. Will we have a glorious reunion with those we love or is death the end of all consciousness? Jesus taught that life

  • Are the Gospels True?

    JESUS.DOC: Are the New Testament gospels the true eyewitness history of Jesus Christ, or could the story have been changed through the years? Must we simply take the New Testament accounts of Jesus by faith, or is there evidence for their reliability? The late ABC News anchor Peter Jennings was

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