• The Deity of Christ

    The Bible affirms the Deity of Christ many times throughout the New Testament, that although he was a man he is also fully God. Listen

  • Studying the Bible Ourselves

    There’s probably a set of things you know from the Bible, and you’re comfortable with what you know. But how much of that has come

  • How to Be Thankful in Trials

    A question often raised, If God is all-powerful and loving, why is there suffering in the world? Listen to find out how the Scriptures guide

  • A Living Hope

    The extended isolation of the pandemic quarantine has left many in despair, and the uncertainty of the future has left them without hope. Jesus reminds

  • Alone With God

    How difficult is it to set aside time to be with God? In Matthew 14, Jesus spent about seven hours one night in prayer. Meanwhile,

  • Jesus Says

    In his final words to his disciples, Jesus told them they were going to need everything he’d said. So what did Jesus have to say

  • Jesus’ Return

    The Day of Christ is the day Jesus comes back for His people. We’re looking forward to the day when our time on earth is

  • All of Jesus

    Jesus’ command to his disciples at the end of his earthly ministry was to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the

  • The Resurrection—The Sign of Christianity

    Right from the start, when people wanted confirmation of the validity of Jesus’ message he gave them his future resurrection. Then everything came together as

  • Guard Your Heart, Part 2

    Continuing the message from last week, the goal is to have a pure, whole and tender heart. The Bible reminds us that the heart is