Recent Sermons

  • Christians Against Poverty

    Christians Against Poverty are passionate about releasing people from a life sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment, and struggle. Working with local churches to bring hope, good news, and freedom to Canadians. (

  • Stewardship of Money

    We like to think we’d be willing to give our all to God… as long as it’s not our money. But the Bible is clear that all we have comes from God, and if we change our perspective on who’s the real owner of all our stuff, maybe we won’t

  • Spending Our Time, Part 2

    If you’re looking for a template for how to spend you time here on Earth, the Bible gives us the example of Jesus in Philippians 2. His desire was to remain in a relationship with his Father, even when that meant giving up absolutely everything.

  • Spending Our Time, Part 1

    At the start of a new year, how do you intend to spend your time? How can we make our years of life count for eternity?