Recent Sermons

  • Why Did Jesus Come?

    At Christmas we commemorate Jesus’ coming to Earth as a baby. But why did He come? Follow throughout the Scriptures as we see how Jesus wanted us to understand and know God, so that we could truly turn away from sin. See also the handout of Bible passages.

  • Revealing The Gift

    At Christmas Jesus is sometimes portrayed as God’s gift to us. From that perspective, the Gift is slowly revealed throughout the Bible, a little at a time, until Jesus is born a baby in Bethlehem, to the fanfare of angels. So take a walk though the Scriptures and see how

  • The Kingdom is Coming

    A significant future event is the Millennial Kingdom. It was hinted at right from the beginning, in Genesis, and described in detail by the prophets Isaiah and Daniel. Jesus touched on it frequently, particularly in the Gospel of Matthew. But what is this kingdom? What will it be like, and

  • The Rapture

    Jesus promised His disciples He would return, and ever since believers have been looking forward to the day we will be reunited with Him. It has been a long wait, and yet the Bible is clear that His return is imminent. It could happen at any time. See also the