Recent Sermons

  • Daniel 10 & 11: Spiritual Warfare

    Chapters 10 and 11 of Daniel offer a rare behind-the-scenes look at events in the spiritual realm that directly impact people in the physical world, and yet are generally unseen and unknown.

  • Storms of Life

    We’re often good at hiding the storms that trouble us, whether it’s family, relationships, work, finances, health, or many other things that don’t go according to plan. So how did the early church weather the storms that came their way? They suffered persecution the likes of which has not been

  • Daniel 9: Prayers Answered

    In the first part of Daniel 9, Daniel is confessing the sins of his people. God begins to answer his prayer in the second part of the chapter, then more in the following months, and more over the next few years. Jesus’ arrival hundreds of years later is another significant

  • Daniel 9: Prayer & Scripture

    Daniel’s intercessory prayer in chapter 9 is fascinating, because we have Daniel, a consistently righteous and blameless man, coming before God in repentance and asking for forgiveness for the sins of his people. Sins of idolatry that had sent the people into exile and yet Daniel himself had not committed.