Recent Sermons

  • Restoring Wayward Children

    The people of Israel had strayed far, far from God and His plan for them, and had suffered devastating consequences as a result. Yet despite their persistent disobedience and rebellion, God still wanted to restore them to His protection and provision and blessing. Likewise, God also wants to restore us

  • Dying To Self

    In these days of selfies, Snapchat and Facebook, there is no greater need in our personal life than to “die to self.” Jesus said that we are to take up our cross daily and live for Him. When was the last time you prayed like Jesus, “not my will but

  • God’s Faithfulness

    Faithfulness is one of God’s enduring qualities, consistent throughout history, unaffected by geographical location, unchanging in contrast to our varying degrees of faithfulness (or lack thereof), and closely linked to His compassionate nature.

  • The Deity of Christ

    The Bible affirms the Deity of Christ many times throughout the New Testament, that although he was a man he is also fully God. Listen as Jesse explains seven types of proof given in Scripture that Jesus is God. See also the handout PDF.