Recent Sermons

  • How Can God Send Good People To Hell?

    It’s a difficult question: If God is all-loving, why would he judge people and condemn them to suffer in hell? (This is the follow-up discussion on the final episode of Tim Keller’s series, “The Reason for God“.)

  • Injustice and Hypocrisy

    Acts of injustice and hypocrisy within the church, especially historically, often drive people away from Jesus. How do we, who are less than perfect, present a perfect Christ to others?

  • Why Is The Church Responsible For So Much Injustice?

    A criticism often voiced against the church is, Why are Christians such hypocrites? They don’t practice what they preach. Interestingly, the Bible also has that criticism against religious people, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

  • Urban Hope

    From Urban Hope: What has drawn many of us to become followers of Jesus is the simple fact that He loved us first. Urban Hope is our expression of God’s love for all people. We love serving whoever comes through our doors because extending love to others is a chance