Recent Sermons

  • Paul and Barnabas First Missionary Journey

    Paul and Barnabas traveled to many towns in the surrounding area always going to Jews first to preach the good news, even in great opposition. Paul also had an attitude to his opposition that we should adopt, calling them Friends! What do we do at the end of a mission?

  • A Series of Adventures!

    Often our plans don’t work out quite the way we thought. For the Christians of the early church, the key was listening to the Holy Spirit and following his direction. Life was never boring! Sometimes things worked out spectacularly well, sometimes they definitely didn’t go according to plan. But always

  • The Good News Spreads

    We have a tendency to see others that don’t have the same religious practice as ours as “not doing it right”, and feel the need to set them straight. The apostle Peter (and a sizable contingent of the early church) ran into this problem when non-Jews started to come to

  • Living Life on Mission

    In good times and in bad, in persecution and in peace, the Christians of the early church lived a radical, no-holds-barred faith, characterized by patience, perseverance and obedience. If they were suddenly transported to here and now, would they even recognize us as believers?