Recent Sermons

  • Being Single

    What’s better: being single or being married? What does the Bible have to say about the it? The answer may surprise you!

  • Impossible Inadequacy

    The miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 is an amazing contrast between the impossible inadequacies of our own resources and the limitless generosity of God. In difficult times when we tend to focus inwards on our own strengths, limited as they are, this event calls us to look upward

  • Spiritual Warfare

    Can a believer come under evil spiritual influence? What would that look like? And how can we guard against it? Listen to hear how king Saul fell apart under successive stages of demon influence. His story in 1 Samuel helps illustrate the ways we can be pulled away from God’s

  • Freedom Through Submission

    According to passages such as Romans 6 and 1 Peter 2, submission to God is a defining character trait for us as Christians. And we’re OK with that, at least on the surface. But the Bible expands that further, to explain how submission to God also means submission to authorities,