Recent Sermons

  • The Church’s Witness to the Community

    The Bible commands us to obey the authorities, and yet there are examples in the New Testament of the believers disobeying the authorities. In this COVID era of restrictions on gathering, of vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers and government vaccine mandates, how should the church respond? The Bible actually has helpful direction

  • How to Cure Hypocrisy

    The Bad Guys of the New Testament were the Pharisees. They were Jesus’ main antagonists, arguing about the law and about righteousness from keeping the law. The Pharisees started out to protect the Jewish culture from Hellenization, being assimilated by Greek culture, and to keep the customs of the law

  • Forgiveness, Part 2

    The Bible is abundantly clear, in both the Old and New Testaments, that God is merciful and forgiving, even to us who are undeserving. God’s forgiveness is all-encompassing and permanent. Having been forgiven by God, He wants us to rest and rejoice in that forgiveness and then go out and

  • Forgiveness, Part 1

    A common perception people have of God from the Old Testament is of a wrathful deity with his hand hovering over the Smite! button, ready to strike down a hapless sinner with a lightning bolt. Reading the Old Testament, however, gives us a very different picture of God. The ancient