Recent Sermons

  • Called Out of the World

    Going through the Book of Revelation, people often focus on the disasters and wars and judgments that fill the middle of the book. And yet despite all the hardship, those that are faithful to God have His seal on themselves and are kept safe to Him. We may not be

  • Characteristics of Jesus, the Better High Priest

    Imagine what it must have been like to be told that everything you believed in needed to change. Steve told us that Hebrews was a book written to help the Jewish believers understand how Jesus’s birth, Death and resurrection signaled a transition from the first covenant.  Specifically, in chapter 5,

  • Ambassadors For Jesus Christ

    As followers of Christ, the Bible calls us ambassadors. But what is an ambassador and how would we live out that calling? Ambassadors live in a country and culture that is different from their home, and provide an embassy as a place of refuge for fellow citizens.

  • Jesus Says “Follow Me”

    Jesus calls us to follow him. On the one hand, he asks us to renounce all we have and take up the cross to follow him. There is no casual following of Jesus. On the other hand, he tells us his yoke is easy to bear and his load is