Recent Sermons

  • E3 Update

    Greg gives an update on his work with E3: Evangelizing, Equipping believers and Establishing churches.

  • The Journey Out Of Self-Goodness

    Like the rich young ruler in Luke 18, we like to think of ourselves as self-made people, successful because of our own talents, abilities and hard work. We forget that God’s approval does not come from what we do. Any good that God sees in us comes from what Christ

  • The History of ESCF and The Church, Part 4

    The final part in this series brings our history from far-away-global to right-here-local. Spanning the last 30 years, what have we learned in that time? How have we grown, matured? What do we need to work on as we look ahead to the future? See also the handout (link here)

  • The History of ESCF and The Church, Part 3

    In a whirlwind tour spanning 140 years, the history of the Brethren movement shows that church life is never as straightforward as people want it to be, and that it’s possible for church leaders to be totally, technically correct while still missing the point entirely. It’s complicated, in other words.