Recent Sermons

  • Jesus, the Faithful Witness

    From his exile on Patmos, the apostle John got a spectacular vision of Jesus Christ. John had spent years with Jesus walking around Palestine, he’d spent decades preaching Jesus after his death, resurrection and ascension, but none of that had prepared him for the dazzling glory of Jesus now before

  • The Control of God, Part 2

    We often focus so closely on the superficial circumstances of our present that we lose sight of the overall working out of God’s will. His sovereignty promotes worship, fosters humility, teaches us to walk by faith, and means we don’t have to worry. See also part 1.

  • The Control of God

    There are many events in the Bible where people sought to carry out their own evil intent, and were successful at it. And yet God’s good purposes were accomplished in the end despite men’s best efforts otherwise. So many examples where God’s sovereign will was fulfilled even when it seemed

  • Real, Not Ritual

    Psalm 50 is somewhat unique in that God speaks for most of the psalm, and He’s giving us a warning: God is looking for what’s real, not for a ritual. Relationship, not religion. And the psalm offers several practical ways to get there. Be thankful, keep your promises to God,