Recent Sermons

  • E3

    EQUIPPING God’s people to EVANGELIZE His world by ESTABLISHING healthy, multiplying, transformative churches everywhere. …go and make disciples of all nations… – Matthew 28:19

  • Be Fruitful

    The purpose of evangelism, the Great Commission, is to replicate God’s ways to all nations. Psalm 67 says, “May God show us his favour and bless us! May he smile on us! Then those living on earth will know what you are like; all nations will know how you deliver

  • Intercession

    Paul writes to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus, and his letter is a practical demonstration of how Jesus intercedes on our behalf before God the Father. Along the way he challenges us to be forgiving and accepting of each light of how God has forgiven and accepted us.

  • Why Did Joseph Reject Sin?

    Joseph consistently and persistently resisted sin. How did he do that, when we succumb again and again to the same sins and habits despite our efforts?