Recent Sermons

  • Who Is Jesus?

    What do I do when Jesus says something different than what I expect? When His emphasis is different than mine? If you were asked to describe who Jesus is, what would you say? And how does that compare to what Jesus said of himself?

  • Taking Stock of Your Life

    Dennis Purcell takes a look at Psalm 39 and how David was reflecting on his life. Dennis gives 3 Truths that we often overlook when reviewing our life. He also looks at 3 Questions to consider when taking stock of your life. Along with the questions, he gives some ways

  • Taking God at His Word

    Jesse gives us some practical implications for believing and disbelieving that the Bible is God’s word. He takes a look at how Jesus viewed and treated God’s word, and how we should take our example from Him. Jesse also talks about what happens when we don’t take God at His

  • The Righteousness of The Children of God

    Reading from 1 John, Bill teaches how we should commit ourselves to righteousness because of what God will do for us in the future, because of what He has done for us in the past, and because of what He is doing in us now.