Recent Sermons

  • God’s Design of Sexuality, Part 2

    In the midst of all the cultural clashes surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, we would do well to approach things with humility and compassion, since none of us can say we are without guilt according to God’s standards.

  • God’s Design of Sexuality, Part 1

    Although this may be a difficult topic, it’s vital to know God’s design and purposes for our life, including our sexuality, physical, mental and emotional. His intent is to allow us to live lives without regrets, in the fullness of how we were created. See also the attached PDF for

  • Christians Against Poverty

    Christians Against Poverty are passionate about releasing people from a life sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment, and struggle. Working with local churches to bring hope, good news, and freedom to Canadians. (

  • Stewardship of Money

    We like to think we’d be willing to give our all to God… as long as it’s not our money. But the Bible is clear that all we have comes from God, and if we change our perspective on who’s the real owner of all our stuff, maybe we won’t