• Turn and Become Like Children

    A lot of people find it very difficult to come to God. Jesus pointed this out when the rich young ruler was unwilling to set

  • Replacing Old With New

    You may be familiar with the passage in 2 Corinthians 5: “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the

  • The Kingdom of God

    The Kingdom of God is mentioned over a hundred times in the Gospels, several times in the book of Acts, and repeatedly in the epistles

  • Why Did Jesus Come?

    At Christmas we commemorate Jesus’ coming to Earth as a baby. But why did He come? Follow throughout the Scriptures as we see how Jesus

  • Revealing The Gift

    At Christmas Jesus is sometimes portrayed as God’s gift to us. From that perspective, the Gift is slowly revealed throughout the Bible, a little at

  • The Kingdom is Coming

    A significant future event is the Millennial Kingdom. It was hinted at right from the beginning, in Genesis, and described in detail by the prophets

  • The Rapture

    Jesus promised His disciples He would return, and ever since believers have been looking forward to the day we will be reunited with Him. It

  • Who Is Jesus?

    What do I do when Jesus says something different than what I expect? When His emphasis is different than mine? If you were asked to

  • Taking Stock of Your Life

    Dennis Purcell takes a look at Psalm 39 and how David was reflecting on his life. Dennis gives 3 Truths that we often overlook when

  • Taking God at His Word

    Jesse gives us some practical implications for believing and disbelieving that the Bible is God’s word. He takes a look at how Jesus viewed and