• Comfort in the Lord’s Coming

    Isaiah 40 gives us many reasons to rejoice at the return of the Lord. We rejoice because He is a mighty God, a good Shepherd.

  • Comfort in Troubled Times

    God comforts us through the difficult parts of life, so that we may, in turn, comfort others as they go through similar difficulties. In fact,

  • Jesus and The Law

    How does Jesus see the law? Considering that the lawbreakers wanted to be close to Jesus, whereas the law keepers wanted nothing to do with

  • Restoring Wayward Children

    The people of Israel had strayed far, far from God and His plan for them, and had suffered devastating consequences as a result. Yet despite

  • Dying To Self

    In these days of selfies, Snapchat and Facebook, there is no greater need in our personal life than to “die to self.” Jesus said that

  • God’s Faithfulness

    Faithfulness is one of God’s enduring qualities, consistent throughout history, unaffected by geographical location, unchanging in contrast to our varying degrees of faithfulness (or lack

  • The Deity of Christ

    The Bible affirms the Deity of Christ many times throughout the New Testament, that although he was a man he is also fully God. Listen

  • Studying the Bible Ourselves

    There’s probably a set of things you know from the Bible, and you’re comfortable with what you know. But how much of that has come

  • How to Be Thankful in Trials

    A question often raised, If God is all-powerful and loving, why is there suffering in the world? Listen to find out how the Scriptures guide

  • A Living Hope

    The extended isolation of the pandemic quarantine has left many in despair, and the uncertainty of the future has left them without hope. Jesus reminds