• Discipline Through Suffering

    In the Old Testament God’s blessing was represented by prosperity. The New Testament flips this around: God’s blessing is represented by suffering. Suffering is not

  • Baptism

    We gather as a community to witness the baptism of believers, as a public acknowledgement that Jesus is their saviour and God is Lord of

  • A Childlike Faith

    This message was originally given at North Point Community Church on November 19, 2017. See this link to the original message page.

  • Emmanuel: God With Us

    Our cultural heritage surrounding Christmas makes it a normal, almost common event. But the first Christmas was an unprecedented event, where God Himself came down

  • God Confirms Incredible Plans

    Astronomer Carl Sagan often said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. The angel Gabriel’s satatements to Mary were certainly extraordinary, and even though Mary accepted them

  • The Message Of The Manger

    Such irony that the God of all glory would end up in a manger. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, the inside of the stable is a

  • The Fulfilling God

    The woman at the well in Samaria had spent a lifetime chasing unsatisfying relationships, until she met the One who can bring fulfillment to every

  • Standing Up To The Cultural Narrative

    Society protests against gender inequality, racial inequality and financial inequality. The Gospel has been promoting a gender-less, race-less and class-less community from the beginning. Listen