• The Persecuted Church

    Starting with the church in Smyrna, looking at the persecution of Christians down through the ages to the present day.

  • Caring For The Earth

    When God created the Earth He saw that everything was very good. We’ve been given the job of caring for His creation. In the midst

  • Getting Down To Work

    Are you too busy? Is the work not in your area of expertise? Just not your thing? How the people rebuilt Jerusalem’s wall under Nehemiah’s

  • God Chooses Flawed People

    Continuing with Jeremiah’s example, we see how God uses regular people, with all their flaws and shortcomings, to accomplish His purposes.

  • Jeremiah, Chosen By God

    God chose Jeremiah from before he was even born, to proclaim God’s will to the people of his day, despite Jeremiah’s reluctance and apparent inadequacy.

  • Rejoicing In Worship

    “After great sacrifice there was great joy.” We drop in on the people in Jerusalem as they rejoice at rebuilding the wall at the end

  • Sleep of Kings

    There were several kings in the Bible who had trouble sleeping, and one who didn’t. See how their story can deepen our faith and help

  • Jesus’ Resurrection, As Seen By His Enemies

    It’s remarkable how consistently and persistently Jesus reached out to his enemies, the religious rulers of that time. They understood better than anyone else that

  • Jesus, The King

    Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, had been heralded as ruler over all things centuries before his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This Palm

  • Walking With Jesus

    Ryan shares his testimony, and how in the end all that matters is walking with Jesus.