• Passionately Following Jesus

    Passion can be defined as intense enthusiasm for someone or something. And there is a lot to be intensely enthusiastic about Jesus. Follow along with

  • Jesus is Saviour, Past, Present and Future

    Do you see God’s salvation through Jesus as something that happened in the past, over and done, and now you can move on with your

  • Jesus Is Lord!

    In an era when a Roman soldier could commandeer any Jewish man to carry a load one mile for him, it is remarkable that the

  • Jesus: God, Saviour, Lord

    Just like now, people in Jesus’ day had plenty of opinions as to who he was. The Bible, God the Father, and Jesus himself all

  • The Bible

    When looking for foundations of our faith, we can hardly get more basic than the Bible. It claims to be God’s word to us, but

  • God’s Sovereignty

    The key to a successful Christian life is to recognize God’s sovereignty over us, and in fact over the whole world. To submit ourselves to

  • The Infinite God

    Our faith defines us as Christians, individually, and collectively as a church. But more than that, it is the all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, infinite God

  • A Year of Spiritual Growth: Jesus Loves Even Me

    Ryan’s reflections on God’s goodness over the past year focus on how much God loves us, in spite of our imperfections and sin.

  • A Year of Spiritual Growth: How Good is the God We Adore

    Reflecting back over 2018, Len shares the devotionals that most impacted him during the year. How God is patient with us, forgiving us, loving us.

  • It All Comes Together at Jesus’ Birth

    The events surrounding Jesus’ birth seemed to be riddled with sudden, unexpected changes of direction. Nothing really went according to the plans of the people