Today’s Reading: Psalm 45: 47-48; 87; 110; 72:20

I just realized that, up until the Psalms, the word “Zion” has only been mentioned once or twice. So, what is Zion exactly? Well, it’s an actual mountain in the land of Israel (see the photo of what is believed to be the biblical Mount Zion). Due to its prominent location in the city of Jerusalem, it is used as a synonym for the temple, as well as the city itself. It is also used to refer to the nation of Israel as a whole, and heaven.

Mount Zion

Here, in today’s psalms, I believe we have the actual, physical, Zion in view. I don’t think it’s referring to heaven. This makes some Christians a little uneasy because they’ve taken Zion to mean heaven (in the future). Zion has been essentially made into an exclusively spiritual place by the church. However, I believe that Jesus will reign on literally on THIS earth! (We’ll get into this more by the end of the year.) What an amazing reality! Finally justice, righteousness, and peace will fill the earth!

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