Wresting Back The Kingdom

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 16:15 – 19:4

Hushai is an interesting character. He puts his life on the line, so to speak, for David. Can I do that?

It is interesting that Ahithophel is the one who gives the advice for Absalom to defile the concubines “in the sight of all Israel”, as God had told David through the prophet Nathan. As Gordie so rightly reminded us, sin always has consequences, and come they will! As I understand, Ahithophel is Bathsheba’s grandfather, so maybe that explains his advice (tainted with bitterness!?). Usually his advice was ‘like that coming from God.’ This time his advice was not coming from God, although fulfilling God’s purpose. However Ahithophel has the perfect battle plan! But then God’s hand behind everything is revealed and Hushai gives the opposite advice, which seemed good to Absalom! But Scripture has the final say: “the Lord HAD determined to frustrate the good advice of Ahithophel in order to bring disaster on Absalom!” And I remind myself to listen to God, so I don’t find myself on a course where God needs to bring disaster on me, because of rebellion on my part!

David is warned by loyal Ahimaaz and Jonathan, who escape with the help of others to warn David. I wonder if I am part in helping God’s plan forward! What a privilege to occupy my life in such a way!

Ahithophel sets his house in order, and then hangs himself. Is it bitterness or despair? Certainly two of the Devil’s top weapons! The Bible tells me that Satan is a liar, a murderer and a destroyer! I have to remind myself not to allow myself to fall prey to him. He is a cruel destroyer and the ultimate victory for him is to take life, certainly to steal the opportunity to gain eternal life from those perishing around us. May I know how to work with God in reaching out to others around me!

But David does have friends who love to provide for him.

And in the end Joab does what needs to be done to win the battle. Just noticed that once Absalom is killed, Joab immediately sounds the trumpet and the rest of Israel is allowed to escape to their homes, without needless killing be allowed to go on! Hopefully, we know how to avoid needless fighting among Christians!

But nothing can comfort David’s broken heart over a wayward proud son! I pray that none of us will know the reality of sorrow over a wayward son or daughter or friend! May we be found ever gently faithful to those closest to us and although we can’t die for others, sometimes it does take great courage and gentleness to work effectively with those closest to us! But it is well worth the price paid, although it is oftentimes painful beyond words to express. But only one thing is more painful and that is to find oneself in David’s shoes where regrets are all there is left!

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