Waiting For God

Did you notice that Noah also walked with God?!

Enjoying the thought of Noah:

Day 264 – lets a raven go
Day 274 – lets a dove go but it returns to him
Day 278 – lets a dove go and it comes back with an olive tree leave
Day 285 – lets a dove go and it doesn’t return
Day 314 – removes the covering and takes a look
Day 370 – God finally Himself instructs Noah to come on out!

I understand the frustration of being coupled up in the ark for a year!  Like the thought that he was an active person (not passive like me), and the other thought that when God is READY, he gives the call to move on with life, and it’s very clear PLUS lots of more of what God was thinking about unknown to me, but in His good time He, like one of Marg’s card (of two squirrels chattering to one another) wrote to me in Hong Kong said, “There’s no one I’d rather chatter away with than you…. your Marg!)  I think God also has that same character!

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