Today’s Reading: Psalm 122;124;133-136;138

Psalm 133 is odd, isn’t it? I mean, what’s all this stuff about oil on Aaron’s beard and dew from Mount Hermon? I’ve never actually understood this psalm before, until today. The wisdom to get out of the psalm is this: “Unity is a very good thing because it allows people to serve God in a way He has approved, which is a refreshing blessing.”

The oil on Aaron’s head is a picture of divine blessing and consecration. The dew of Mt. Hermon is describing the oil flowing down onto Aaron’s beard and shoulders, and hints at fertility. Dew is an essential part of Israeli agriculture.

Interestingly, this is a “song of ascents,” which was sung when people were walking up to Jerusalem from wherever they lived in the land (they didn’t have cars then, remember?). What a good reminder for them as they all moved toward the centre of their corporate worship.

How are we expressing true unity today?

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