Trickery & Deception

Today’s reading: Gen. 29:1 – 30:43

Here comes one of my least favourite parts in the Bible, save and except genealogy!

Jacob continues to scheme away — the rule is to wait for all flocks to gather before opening the well, but he opened when Rachel came out with her sheep. Then, he weeps. What a sorry story! I bet he did not say much about how he cheated on his own father!

Jacob got tricked by Laban, his own uncle! I hate to say it, but I guess Jacob got his just dessert here. I was asked “How could he not have known whether it was Leah or Rachel on wedding night?” — if any gentlemen wish to let me know the answer, take it away!

Jacob ended up with two wives, but he “loved Rachel more than Leah”. I find it interesting that he, whom went through the favouritism issue between Esau and himself, did the same mistake, like his parents.

Here comes my least favourite section — After Leah had the first son, she said “Surely my husband will love me now.” After she had 6 sons, she still said “This time my husband will treat me with honour”. If he did not treat her with love and honour for the first time, why did she expect him to do otherwise after having SIX SONS! Doing the same thing and expect the different result is the definition of insanity!

I must say that Jacob deserves it when he was told by Leah – “I have hired you with my son’s mandrakes”! Jacob then slept with her that night! Are you kidding? Who is the head of the family here? Who is leading this family, Jacob or his wives?

Finally, Laban and Jacob outsmarts each other — it must be tiring to keep up or “beat up” everyone’s deceits to be ahead. What kind of environment is this — continuous suspicion, distrustful atmosphere and pretentious actions toward each other?

Are you repeating something in your life and expecting different result? If so, I can safely say to you that it is an insane thing to do. If you do not change, nothing will. As a Christian, we are to change to be more like Christ. Holy Spirit in us already began such change, but if you do not change with the power of Holy Spirit, which is gentle and gracious (will not force you to change), you will not change; thus, your Christian life is a sham. Close your eye and review your today and see where you can make one small change – one step. And change it!

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