Tribes In Review

Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 1–2; 3:10–4:23

So we have come to the last day of the Old Testament readings (Congratulations!) and we continue on with the genealogy of Israel’s tribes.

List of names again, but not sure if I see aright, but hidden serious consequences seem to lurk in the readings. The birthright belongs to Reuben, but because of his sin, he loses it to Joseph! And even although Judah was strong and a ruler comes from him, still the birthright wasn’t given to him just because he was strong! I turn to look to see what kind of sin would God consider so seriously that He would transfer the birthright away from Reuben. According to worldly standards, it’s always the strongest who wins – so why doesn’t this strong tribe get the birthright! Truly the Lord’s words are true – that “My thoughts are not yours nor My ways yours! (especially if ours are worldly-wise!).

Next the tribe of Levi – important because the priests come from this tribe and also the ones who are close in their position because of serving the Lord in a special capacity. And then comes the family of Kohath, whose service was actually to carry the centre piece or most precious piece – the Ark. And from these tribes came the musicians! What must it have been like to be God’s musician! But Hebrews tells us that we can come at all times into His presence to worship Him because now the veil is rent and we have direct access to God at all times!

Then the priests and their cities and towns. God is no man’s debtor and because they didn’t receive actual inheritance (and the Lord was their inheritance), He made sure that they were provided for! I love the words of Psalm 16:5-6 where it says,

Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
you make my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
surely I have a delightful inheritance.

Talking of Benjamin, there are glimpses of Saul the first king. And so on, with little interesting stories of some of the different ones! Is it any wonder, that when God opens His word to us, there is a multitude of different stories which display His all-encompassing wisdom and knowledge!

Then last of all, details of those returning to Jerusalem. It seems to me that God loves to remember those who loved His beloved city, Jerusalem and who made the effort to return to “the beloved city” as God loves to call it and He even gives the numbers of the heads of the families of the priests! Gatekeepers! Not sure if people thought they were important, but think of the wonderful privilege of “guarding the entrance to the dwelling of the Lord.” And so they guarded it all night. Not sure what that means today, but it would require faithful brave men (men and women today who care enough about their Lord to care about how He is talked about and treated today!

Musicians again mentioned – exempted from other duties, because their service of praise could go on day and night! It seems to me that as I grow old, I too can praise the Lord (and pray for my brothers and sisters and myself) in the night hours as I lie awake quietly resting!

May today have been a day when we were able to praise our Lord for all He has done for us.

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