The Ultimate Test Of Faith

Abraham got his toughest faith challenge from God – sacrifice his “only” son, Issac. I find it interesting that Issac was referred three times, “your son, your only son”. Later on. Jesus, the only son of God, was indeed sacrificed for us. I am so new that I did not make such connection for the first time I read this passage, but for this time, by using a pronounce it method, I was able to find this particular fact! I also find it interesting that God is so loving that he did not want Abraham to go through such sacrifice, even though God did it willingly with Jesus for us. What an amazing love!

Did anyone think that it was odd that Abraham was so insistent in paying for Sarah’s burial site? The only thing I could think is his words in Gen 14:17 & 21-24 in day 5 (page 28) that he was not willing to gain any benefit from immoral Kings from Sodom. If anyone got a better/accurate idea, please send it to me!

Erica and I finally made to our gym this morning (only by the grace of God AND Erica’s text message, I was able to get out of my bed in time)! I was looking for my gym membership and an interesting thought occurred to me. When we say we are “Christians”, it is like having a gym membership. We are the children of God – we got that citizenship in Heaven. But, if I don’t run, but sit on a chair and look at people who run, I would never get the benefit of having the gym membership – be healthy and be fit. I wish I get healthy & fit by just having my pretty membership card in my hands, but we all know that does not do anything (other than making us feel somewhat happy that we made an effort to have a membership in the first place). Our membership in heaven is the same — so, here is the challenging question for today: Are you a runner or are you a by-stander with our membership in heaven? If you lean more towards the second one, why not doing one thing God commands you to do today?

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