The Tabernacle

So here we are again, dealing with the Tabernacle and all its details. Don’t get bogged down and discouraged in the minutiae here. There is a ton of symbolism in the Tabernacle details, but don’t miss the forest through the trees (the bigger picture is easier to grasp than trying to get the small snapshots)! (For a great photo of a life sized replica of the Tabernacle, click here.)

Here are a couple of my thoughts to help guide us through the passage.

Observation(s): Notice what a contrast there is between yesterday’s reading and today’s! There are many parallels and contrasts between the building of the golden calf and the Tabernacle, such as, 1) who called for the building (the LORD), 2) the call for voluntary gifts, 3) the many craftsmen who built the Tabernacle, etc. Yesterday we saw how The LORD was NOT to be worshiped; today we see how He did want to be worshiped.

Also notice the amount of text is given to the Tabernacle’s construction! This shows it is important to the story. What implications could there be to stressing the LORD’s dwelling place among His people for us today?

Interpretation(s): The Israelites had broken the covenant they made with the Lord, and had it renewed yesterday. This is part of that renewal. In building the Tabernacle according to the way Moses had been instructed by the Lord, they were showing their commitment to the covenant and fulfilling their end of the deal.

Anyway, may the Lord help us all with understanding the passage and how it can apply to us today.

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