The Introduction

Today’s Reading: Matthew 3:4-6, 13-17; 4:1-11; Luke 3:1-6, 15-18, 21-23; John 1:19-34

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re all doing well in reading and even longing to read on.

First thing, John the Baptist is a great guy. Several people know him as the “voice of one calling in the desert” and we know that he baptized hundreds if not thousands of people. He was revered by many and sought from far and wide, but he was not who the people were meant to be looking for. John made it abundantly clear that he was preparing the way for “…one more powerful than I…” and that is something to admire. Did you know that John had people believing that he was Christ? He could have easily taken off with that and pretended to be Jesus Christ, but as we will read later in John 3:30, he says, “He must become greater I must become less.” Even before Jesus was preaching that very message to the world, John had planted the notion into the peoples’ heads.

Secondly, I enjoyed the commentary for today. I don’t normally take note of it, because it seems superfluous to me. Although, since I am contributing to the daily emails, I want to share in every experience with the audience. Regarding the baptism of Jesus, I never correlated the fact that immediately after He was blessed in front of everyone by His heavenly Father, which as the commentator said, would be an incredible spiritual high, He was sent to His spiritual, physical and probably mental low. This low time was when Satan tempted Him. Don’t we feel most vulnerable when we are at our ultimate lows? And yet, how did Jesus face this attack head on? He used Scripture. He never depended on His own strength or wisdom, He referred back to His Father’s words in Scripture and banked on the truth they bear. I want us to remember that, even Jesus turned to Scripture to give Him strength.

Have a great week! Keep on reading!

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