The Downfall of Pride

Today’s Reading: Obadiah

Obviously, Obadiah, the servant of the Lord would speak with feeling, about the nation of Israel. And he brings a strong message from God, condemning the pride of Edom in encouraging and rejoicing that the Lord was disciplining Israel, His people! There is one thing which is sure to bring God’s disapproval and that is pride. So as Edom in their pride feels so secure and safe, God warns him that God will certainly bring calamity on the people of Edom, no matter how safe they feel they are! But God warns me too about pride in the New Testament book of James (4:16), saying that, that “God sets Himself against the proud, but He gives grace to the lowly!” Peter also warns that “God sets Himself against the proud, but gives grace to the humble!” (1 Peter 5:5) I figure if he warns me twice, it must be important. If I’m proud, God sets himself again me – what does that really mean anyway!?

Then the Lord points out, how complete his judgment will be! – worse than a thief, more like having a false friend who ‘sells you down the river’! And the reason for such disaster? One of the reasons is that Edom saw the disaster that came on Israel and did nothing about it to help Israel! Wonder just how many times I have passively watched my brother or sister in trouble and simply did nothing or even worse, maybe joined in with helping the enemy with his work! And the Lord declares in His astonishing grace, that the house of Jacob will be saved but there will be no survivors with Edom! And I love how the Lord says that the kingdoms will be His! He certainly deserves the victory and the rewards of having the kingdoms as His own. He WILL BE the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And I will be glad to see Him exalted in that day, won’t you!?

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