Solomon’s Riches

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 4:1-34; 7:1-12; 9:10-15,20-23,26-28; 10:1-25,27; 2 Chronicles 7:11-22; 8:1-6,11; Psalm 72:1-19

Mention Solomon to someone and they’ll comment on his wisdom or his wealth. Indeed, I would say the same! Today gives us a quantitative glimpse into the enormity and splendor of wealth and wisdom of King Solomon. To be sure, it didn’t fall into his lap, but it was all given by God. And there is no doubt that all Israel prospered under him; even because of him, for he shared what he had with others!

We too have been given much by God: spiritual riches and blessings, material wealth (If you’re reading this on your own computer, you are wealthier than many in this world!), and a measure of wisdom. Now that we recognize the gift, what are we doing with it?

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