Sin, Confession, Repentance

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 11:2-27; 12:1-17; 21:15-22; 1 Chronicles 18:1; 19:1-19; Psalm 51; 60

Congratulations on reaching the 100 day mark! A hundred days is a milestone indeed, but we have not arrived at the finish line yet! So, keep it up!

There is so much in today’s account of David and Bathsheba to take in! Sins such as lust, adultery, deceit, and murder; the consequences of sin; keeping others accountable vs. assisting them in their sin; and confronting sin, are just a few topics one could explore in the multitude available here!

Psalm 51 is clear on the subjects of sin, its nature, its consequences, and real repentance. First, all sin (a.k.a. transgressions, iniquity, evil, bloodguilt) is ultimately against God (v.4). Second, although conceiving and giving birth are not sinful, a person possesses a sinful nature from the moment he/she is conceived (v. 5), not after. Third, sin robs us of joy (v. 8, 12) and separates us from God (v. 11). It can even result in a loss of ministry and service for God (v. 11 — David’s request was to not be taken out of service as the anointed king of Israel. He did not have the Holy Spirit living inside him as believers do today. Do not think that you, as a believer today, can ever have the Holy Spirit taken from you. He has sealed you permanently (cf. Ephesians 1:13-14).) One’s personal sin can also affect the people around him (vv. 18-19 — David prayed that his bad example would not be followed by the nation!). Four, real repentance is not outward (v.16), rather it is inward, coming from the spirit and the heart (v. 6, 17). Real repentance results in joyful praise and proclamation of God’s righteousness (vv. 12-15).

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