Today’s Reading: Lev. 18:1-20,22-30; 19:20-22,29; 20:11-22,24; Num. 5:11-31; Deut. 5:18; 21:10-14; 22:5,13-24; 23:17-18; 24:1-5

Sex. There, I wrote it! Sex is everywhere. Even Disney animated movies for children have (often not so hidden) sexual references and innuendos! Our world is steeped in sex, to say the least. Check out this for mind-blowing stats on internet pornography usage! (Don’t worry, it’s not pornographic.)

Many people see Christianity as a religion that strongly suppresses sex as a necessary evil (these same people have no idea that the Bible actually has a lot to say about sex!). True (Biblical) Christianity actually encourages and celebrates having a healthy sex life! Other religions either forbid & suppress it or focus too much on it; Christianity is the only worldview that actually presents balanced sexuality. I thank and praise God for the true sexual freedom in Christianity!

Anyway, most of us have never actually committed adultery or incest, or anything else mentioned in today’s reading (and probably never will), and we may wonder “how then do I apply this stuff?!” Good question!

Aside from setting limits pertaining to certain relationships between others in one’s family and community, reinforcing the sacred nature of sex within marriage, and discouraging the Israelites from worshiping pagan gods, today’s reading set Israel apart from the other nations as to their sexual practices (not just individually, but as a community). This is true for Christians today too. We are to be different from the World. Our sexual standards and practices are to be different. How are you doing in this area of holiness? How are we doing at keeping one another accountable in this very important issue?

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