Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 9-11

Repetition and restatement are great teaching tools. It aids one’s
learning when something is repackaged and reviewed. This is part of
the reason why Yahweh inspires Moses to repeat himself so much!
Everything we’ve read since January 25th is essentially summarized

Whether or not you’ve completed the reading and journal today, let me
encourage/challenge you to re-read and review what you’ve
written/learned since January 25 (or 1st, if you like!), as Moses
reviewed Israel’s moral history with the Israelites. How are you
doing with living out your applications? What have you learned most
about God? What have you learned about yourself?

The Israelites were commanded/expected to let God affect everything
they thought, said, and did. Likewise, God wants our relationship
with Him to pervade every area and aspect of our lives!

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