Rape, Deceit, Murder

Someone told me last night – our church’s Family Night – that he was more than one day behind and needed to catch up badly. It is ok! Just follow with us on a daily and read for today. When you got more time, then you can catch up, but don’t let it get to you or discourage by one or two (or more) catch-up reading to give up on all!

Day 15 is somewhat depressing — so if you decide to skip reading on this one, you pick a good one to skip!

It has all the bad elements – rape, deceit, trickery, mass murder, looting, and pure arrogance and self-justification. If you need more details, you need to read Gen 34:1 to 31! Too bad that we did not progress too much from that stage, when we look at our current world affairs. However, the difference is that we have the presence of the Light, Jesus, the hope of our salvation from our own sins.

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