Today’s Reading: Psalms 4; 12; 20; 25; 32; 38

The Psalm begins with a plea for mercy and then the author quickly turns to recognizing the uselessness of “false gods.” The opposite of this, is that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself How would you like to be that person! He speaks of the emotion of anger, but encourages himself to not only search his heart, but to be silent. Did you notice the prayer that arises out of the author’s surety of the peace which comes out of the fact that many are saying, “Who can show us any good?” – Who indeed!

And in Psalm 12, the Lord by the end of the Psalm responds to the cry of his needy servant. He always loves to have compassion and respond to His servant, David.

Somehow I sense the hope portrayed by the word – “May…” (May means the wish of the heart!). No wonder David’s focus is on his trust in His God.

In Psalm 25, David longs to be taught God’s paths, and be guided in His truth – teach me, David begs, for his hope is in the Lord all day long – anywhere else is not safe and where else can I put my hope? David reminds the Lord that His great mercy and love is “from of old” (or has always been there right from the beginning – is that your experience and mine? No better solution to the problem of “worry” than that! I like the third paragraph which tells of what God will do for David. Does any of it sound familiar? And then in the last paragraph after casting himself on God, he tells God once again that his hope is in God.

Psalm 32 is a favourite of mine or at least a well-used Psalm for me, because I too have to come so often like this to my loving Father. The blessing of transgressions forgiven, sins covered and sins not accounted to David (or me) is contrasted against what happens to me when I am not “on talking terms with God” – progressing severe trouble in my life and “feeling dry to the bone!” But the break comes with confession and for me to stop trying cover up things (how on earth do cover up things from God anyway?!). When David get on speaking terms with God, first of all it gives David the right to teach others effectively to make God his hiding place and leads to songs of deliverance. Hopefully I won’t be a “bolting” horse flying all over the place (not talking to God about things – erratic sudden decisions of life!) or on the other hand – a stubborn old donkey refusing to recognize my loving Father in my life! No wonder David is singing by the end of the Psalm – and I too can start the climb to singing by first of all learning to be grateful for all He does for me.

In Psalm 38, again David is pouring out his heart to God – “All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my signing is not hidden from you. My heart pounds, my strength fails me,” as David sinks further into despair and loneliness and he prays that the Lord will not be far from him! But the Lord Jesus was indeed forsaken by His God on the cross so that we may be assured that we will never be forsaken – He is indeed not only “my Lord, but also my Saviour!” How much He saves me, not only from sin, but also in my everyday life, this is what I hope to understand fully, when I look into His lovely face for the first time in Heaven!

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