Pride of a King, Part 1

Today’s Reading: Daniel 3

Nebuchadnezzar had a 90 foot tall gold statue built to honor his god (Nebo) and himself! To show their submission to him and his god (who were superior in his mind), he decreed that all his officials from all over his kingdom had to bow down to it. He was king of the most powerful kingdom in his day; he’d squashed Egypt, and he was told by Daniel that he was the head of gold on the statue in his dream! No wonder he was a hot air balloon full of self-pride and self-worth!

While we don’t generally build statues to honour ourselves today, we are just as susceptible to having the same attitude as Nebuchadnezzar. If we’re truly honest with ourselves, we’re more full of pride than we care to admit. We don’t necessarily express this attitude out loud, but we certainly can exude it!

Since we are only human, may the Lord keep us humble in His presence!

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