Today’s Reading: Psalms 139; 145; 148; 150

Psalm 139 has always been a favourite of mine, especially in the last ten years. It begins with urging me to understand how well my loving Father knows me – think of it – before I have even thought a thought – He knows it completely! – familiar with all my ways – like intimately knowing a person, whom you love with all your heart, except God does it on such an infinitely greater scale in all His perfection. No hiding from Him, even if I try my little schemes! He was quietly watching with such tender care as I’m formed before birth! His quiet notation of the exact number of days I will live in His own little special personal diary (so to speak!). Truly “How PRECIOUS to me are your thoughts… how vast the sum! And yet so beautiful – “When I awake, I am still with you!” — perhaps meaning when I become consciously again aware of the reality of your presence in my life, I realize You have always been there in my life, caring! And so the quiet confidence and willingness to have Him take a close look at my life and “see if there is any offensive way in me (!), and then to go ahead and lead me in the way everlasting! Take hold of my life, and lead me in living a life full of the things which will last forever!

Is it any wonder that in Psalm 145, it talks of “one generation commending His works to the next generation! Any of God’s mighty acts in my life that I am excited enough to tell the next generation, and which would truly be meaningful to them?! But again tucked into the middle of the Psalm the record about God’s faithfulness, God’s compassion and His GRACIOUSNESS! And because His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, He never ceases to care! and so “my mouth will speak in praise of the Lord!”

Did you either write down or ponder on the list of things in Psalm 148, for which God is to be praised? As I finished cutting our lawn for the first time this year, I looked up at the “beautiful black clouds” and thought about how great God is, and as I finished the last two rows of lawn to be cut, down came the beautiful refreshing rain, reviving once again fresh Spring growth in the flower beds and refreshing the newly cut green grass. What about praising Him – because we are like Israel – “the people close to His heart!”

In Psalm 150, what a list of the musical instruments! David was definately “a man of music” and I was thinking of the different sounds from the instruments as the Psalm started with mentioning – “Praise God in His sanctuary!” I long that where I worship may truly be a sanctuary to Him and that whatever music is offered to Him, whether instrumental or the beautiful praise coming from grateful hearts may truly be the praise with a beauty that can only come from loving grateful hearts!

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