Passing On The Torch

Today’s Reading: Deut. 32:48-34:12

In our reading today, the leadership transition is finally made and a new era in Israel’s history commences. Moses, “whom the LORD knew face to face” (Deut. 34:10), dies in Moab, leaving Joshua to lead Israel in to possess the land. In light of the great changes about to take place in their own lives (None of them had inhabited a permanent dwelling, planted crops, or lived far from the rest of the nation!), they must have felt a myriad of emotions and thoughts about the past, present, and future.

Knowing man’s nature, Yahweh had Moses’ body buried in a location still unknown to anyone. Had the Israelites known the whereabouts of his grave-site, they may have fallen into idolatry by building a shrine and worshiping Moses instead of the Lord their God.

At any rate, the man they had looked to for spiritual guidance and wisdom was now gone. Would they continue to grow strong in their faith? Or, would they plummet to the depths of despondency? Was the nation’s obedience to God dependent on Moses? Could the people claim their faith as their own?

The question of whether or not one’s faith is his/her own is pertinent to us even today. Is one’s spiritual life dependent on the faith of another person? Perhaps one’s parents or another relative? A neighbour? A coworker? A close friend? A pastor or Bible teacher? Or even a spouse? If that person were to suddenly leave our life, would our faith be stranded? This is an important issue to think over!

I pray we may all say for certain that our personal faith in Christ rests on Him alone!

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