On The Ocean Floor

Today’s Reading: Micah 6-7

I have twice followed a Jewish custom inspired by Micah 7:19b, called “Tashlikh” (“casting off”). On Rosh Hashanah, Jews empty their pockets—usually filled with pieces of bread— into a flowing body of water to signify that God will cast their sins into the depths of the sea. I used rocks instead of bread, but the task was nevertheless refreshing as I named off sins I’d committed and launched the stones into the water, never to find them again—both rock and sin—because the Lord has already forgiven me of them! And, the Lord has tossed them into the water, where they have sunk to the ocean’s floor, never to return to the surface (like the Titanic).

The sea floor is a wonderful picture of His forgiveness. So vast, deep, and dark, mankind will never fully know the expanse of it. The water pressure alone is too much to bear; a human would not be able to take one breath from his SCUBA gear at the bottom, he’d be dead in an instant! If anyone could actually retrieve their sins at the bottom of the deep, they could never find it! How much more have we been fully forgiven!

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