Offerings Of All Types

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 1-2; 6:8-23; 17:8-9; Numbers 15:1-21; 28:1-8

Today’s reading starts explaining on different sacrifice and offerings. It was interesting for me to know that sacrifice and offerings got two purposes: (1) to remove your sins/guilt and (2) to obtain God’s favour. We got two offerings in today’s reading: (1) Burnt offering and (2) Cereal offering. I wonder about these names, but after reading, it meant literally – burnt offering is to burn your offering completely without eating at all and cereal offering is for grain or fruit offering.

Each offerings are explained with specifically in all kinds – herd, flock, bird, fruit, grain, etc. Priest were instructed specifically what to do with each offerings, in terms of procedure, timing, and set-up. I always get surprised at how details God provides to the Israelites, since I am so bad at details. With so much details, God still has his own big picture that all those details fit into perfectly. If he cares to comment you must put salt onto your offerings, I don’t have to wonder how much he cares for my life.

Keep reading on, everyone. Don’t get discouraged by details in offerings and procedures – keep reading them and let’s be grateful that we don’t have to worry about doing these offerings any more.

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