National Holidays

Today’s Reading: Exodus 23:14-17; Leviticus 16-23; 4-21, 26-44, 26:36-44; Numbers 9;13-14; 28:18-31, 29:1-38 Deuteronomy 16:1-7; 9-17

Happy Family Day! Yes, I am a day behind – don’t you feel that you are a day behind?

Today’s readings introduce holidays or feasts + day of atonement. Do you know if you count all the holidays in the word, accounting for all religions and cultural and national holidays, there are more 240 days of holidays in 365 days? Yes, as a first year law student, we did count to see if we could diverse our holidays more – obviously, our law school declined to do so, since it would only allows for less than 4 months to complete 8 months school!

Each feast is explained for its background, procedure and punishment for not observing. I find it interesting that how we in modern times forget why we celebrate our holidays. For example, do you actually celebrate May 24 as Queen Victoria’s birthday? I know that our family doesn’t. We consider May 24 as the beginning of our summer season and open our cottage! I think it is important to look at the holiday and see how it began and what you suppose to celebrate.

For yesterday, Family Day was to celebrate your family – have you done that?

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