Mourning Denied

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 24

Even singles can hardly imagine having to lose one’s spouse in order to teach a lesson to others. Surely, it was only by God’s strength that Ezekiel was able to bear the object lesson.

In his culture, others would expect Ezekiel to tear his clothes, put on sackcloth, shave his head, wear a veil over his mouth, put dirt on his head, roll in dirt and sit in ashes. They would anticipate bringing “mourning bread” after he’d fasted for a day, and making repeated shrill cries to lament the death. And, of course, they would expect tears!

But none of that came. He did as God had commanded him, and it got the people’s attention! “Ezekiel’s entire life was a testimony to the exiles. Likewise, this should be the case with all who are the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus” (Ralph Alexander, “Ezekiel” The Expositor’s Bible Commentary. Zondervan: Grand Rapids, 1986. p. 862).

The Lord may call us to do some pretty hard things in life (perhaps not as hard as Ezekiel had to face), and by His strength we can do them. Now, are we willing to be a message to the world of who Christ is?

“So you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 24:27)

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