Lost In A Dream

Today’s Reading: Daniel 7:1-28; 8:1-27

Are you confused? I confess I am. I usually do not remember my dreams, but Daniel seems to remember his dreams so vividly. Considering I am a city girl, I can’t even envision rams or goats with horns, even if I want to. What comforts me, funny enough, is the fact that even Daniel sounds confused and lost! So if you feel lost and confused like me, I think we can get some comfort in Daniel’s predicament — can you imagine that you got something from God, but you can’t understand? Hold on a second! Don’t we? I mean, have you not heard from God or seen something God shows you but you have no clue what it means?

I confess that I am not so scholastic (actually, I did some interpretation book on this section, but I will not write them here), but does it help you if the fourth animal with iron teeth represent Rome? I must repeat myself what I did before — prophet sections are hard to read for me, but I read because I hope God will reveal something for me if I need to know. So read on! We are so close to finish Old Testament — yes, we got 25 days to go before we reach New Testament! Read on and ask God to clarify what you read, if you need to know anything today.

One day at a time; one step at a time; one verse at a time. Come back wherever you are – read on with me!

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