Today’s Reading: Matthew 9:10-13; 12:1-21; Mark 2:13-14; 2:23-28; 3:1-12; Luke 5:29-39; 6:6-19; John 5

Legalism can strangle real spiritual life. So what is legalism? Following strict rules to keep from breaking other more important principles. A good telltale sign of a legalistic attitude is a shocked reaction that sounds like, “how can you do that and be a Christian!?” when it isn’t necessarily a sin to do such things. For example, some might ask how one can smoke cigarettes and be a true Christian. Another might state that real Christians don’t drink ANY alcohol. Others might say that it’s not spiritual to buy gas or groceries (or anything for that matter) on a Sunday.

Notice how the Jews of Jesus’ day asked the same of Jesus and His disciples? They couldn’t imagine any other interpretation of the Law, even if it was lawful or good; nor could the realize that God wanted a personal relationship with them based on love.

So, today I ask myself if there are any legalistic tendencies in my life that are strangling my real relationship with my Saviour. Remember, it’s not about rules, it’s about relationship.

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