I’ve Been Wronged!

Today’s reading: Job 18:1-21; 19:1-29; 20:1-29; 21:1-34

“Though I cry, ‘I’ve been wronged!’ I get no response; though I call for help, there is no justice”

Do you feel Job’s anguish? I feel that I got stabbed in my heart when I read this verse, because this is the way I felt for the last 6 months… Then the Lord gave me a verse last night – “For the Lord our God is the one who goes with us to fight against our enemy to give us victory” Deuteronomy 20:4.

I may not feel that He gives no response, but my feeling is deceitful because God is faithful, regardless whether I am faithful. In fact, his faithfulness in my faithlessness is His grace that is sufficient for me tonight.

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