Is the Christian Faith Still Relevant in this Scientific Age?

Message by Richard Haverkamp (audio here)

Is the Christian faith relevant in this scientific age? – Romans 1:1-20

  1. Read Romans 1:18-20. Richard highlighted evidence showing how finely tuned is the universe – “the facts point to a Designer.” Do you remember any of the examples he mentioned? Do some research (e.g. search the internet for “evidence for a designed universe” or “evidence for design in nature”) so that you are prepared to share personally with others about the incredible evidence for God’s design in creation.
  2. Richard emphasized that Christianity is unique (e.g. explanation for creation, Bible prophecy, power to change, Jesus’ teaching/work/claims, …). How would you explain to someone why you believe Christianity is unique?
  3. Richard noted too that Christianity meets the needs of the human heart (e.g. needs for love, forgiveness, peace, power, …). What is your personal testimony of how Christianity has dealt with your needs?
  4. Richard spoke about the positive influence in the world that Christianity has had. How does God want you to be a part of that influence today?
  5. Read Romans 1:16-17. Will you ask God for an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone about the question, “Is the Christian faith relevant in this scientific age?”

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