Is God Angry At Me?

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 60:1-22; 61:1-11; 62:1-12; 63:1-19; 64:1-12

Praise the Lord, it is Friday!

Do you feel confused as you read Isaiah? I feel confused and literally sick (yes, I get seasick) because God is either promising the best or He is angry with us (yes, up & down here we go). Then, I realize that it is US who are “up & down” and God is only responding to our faithfulness to Him because He is constant!

“We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Do not be angry beyond measure, O Lord; do not remember our sins forever.”

Unless us who tend to remember others’ faults forever, God chooses to forget our sins because of his everlasting love and compassion for us. He even gave his covenant of peace that he would not be angry with us. Do you recall when you speak with your children when they do something wrong? I usually say to mine, “I am not angry with you, but I am disappointed at your misbehaviours”. Then, my children usually reply, “But, you look so angry, though”. I feel the same about God’s “appearance of anger” at me through Isaiah. And I am grateful of his continuous assurance to me that He is still the same and wishes to bless me with His love and compassion.

Do you feel God is angry with you today because your “Plan A” (your plan) does not work? How about checking out “Plan B” (drafted by God for you)? Are you scared to check it out because you may HAVE TO DO it after knowing what He wants you to do? I am! But, where is my faith, if I know everything in “Plan B” (the very reason why I like my “Plan A”)? If we do not need faith because we already know the result, are we in fact unfaithful because we do not give God an opportunity to show himself in our life – our God who can do impossible things?

I will leave you with this quote from Rick Warren:

“God always uses imperfect person, in imperfect situation to carry his Will. It is us who got fearful in imperfect situation to refuse to do his Will.”

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