In Memory Of

Today’s Reading: Esther 5-10

Purim is a happy, fun holiday for Jewish people. Among other things, they dress up in costumes, eat holiday-specific food, and make lots of noise at every mention of the name “Haman” as they listen to the story of Esther. It’s a feast of rejoicing, as prescribed by Mordecai and Esther themselves. And, although God is not mentioned once in the book, it is clear that the Jews are to commemorate His deliverance from Haman’s holocaust. Such an extraordinary event deserves to be celebrated in an extraordinary way.

Knowing the human tendency to forget even the most miraculous events, perhaps Mordecai was on to something when he mandated the remembrance of Purim. By remembering something, we keep it fresh in our minds. Is there an event in your life that you should be commemorating every year? Perhaps it’s a spiritual climax or revival that you’ve experienced. At any rate, there is no shame in celebrating what God has done in our lives on a regular basis. Try it sometime!

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