Impact of The Rock

Today’s Reading: Daniel 1:3-20; 2

What an amazing glimpse of human history! In one statue, we see the major world empires that continue to have an impact on our culture today. But, let’s not focus on the statue. Let’s look at the rock. May the rock have a greater influence in our lives, even today! Why?

If you didn’t know, the rock is the kingdom of God. Notice that it is not cut with human hands, and it’s not made of the same materials as the statue. It’s different; it’s divine.

It completely obliterates the statue. No trace of the statue will be found. Basically, all human culture, religion, science, etc. will disappear (bad news for the British Museum and Smithsonian Institute!). A new understanding will generate a new culture, one based entirely on God’s truth and presence.

The rock is as physical and real as the statue. It wasn’t a figurative or mystical rock. The kingdom of God to come will be a real, physical thing (as tangible as the kingdoms represented in the statue!).

Finally, contrary to the belief of some, I believe the last kingdom (the clay feet) in the statue and the appearance of the rock haven’t yet occurred. They are still to come. It should be our longing to see that rock, and it should encourage us to continue in faith. We can know for sure that it will come to pass, and in that day, nothing else will matter. Let’s share that rock with others and praise God for it!

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