Today’s Reading: Gen. 45:16 – 47:28

So the family of Jacob immigrate to Egypt, at the invitation of Joseph and Pharaoh, confirmed by God – “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there.” How assuring it must be for Jacob. Jacob got an unbelievable story of Joseph’s survival and was going down the strange land and there was God who assured him that this was all part of his great plan. If you ever feel whether you are walking on his plan, why not ask God to give you assurance? He always – not on my timing – provides signs for me to know whether I am doing according to his plan – again, how assuring. Of course, there is one of our “Do not be afraid” phase once again from God.

God also gives some promises to Jacob – (1) “I will make you into a great nation there”; (2) “I will go down to Egypt with you”; (3) I will surely bring you back again and (4) Joseph’s own hand will close your eyes”. We will see in coming chapters how seventy Israelite people becomes more than a million people, God was with Jacob and his descendents throughout their time in Egypt, even though they did not sometime acknowledge God; God of course bring them back out via Moses and in tomorrow’s reading, Joseph attends Jacob’s death bed. I find it how amazing God gives promises from the seemingly-impossible one (or so big that I cannot see) such as “make you into a great nation there” to so small and personal one (Joseph’s own hand will close your eyes). I find it so comforting that even though I am one of so many people on this earth, God cares about what I do and what I feel every day.

What are you doing this snowy and cold Friday? Have you asked whether you are doing what God plans you to do today? If not, why not tell him about it and see if he is pleased?

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