I’m Not That Bad, Am I?

Today’s Reading: Romans 1:1-3:20

It’s easy to read Romans 1:26-32 and think that doesn’t describe me. I’ve never had sex outside of marriage, I’m not a homosexual, and I’ve never murdered anyone.

But right alongside what many would consider the worst of sins worthy of death mentioned above, Paul describes sinners as “full of envy… gossips, slanderers… arrogant and boastful… disobedient to parents… faithless, heartless…” etc. Of these I am guilty!

So, while people may think they’re pretty good, the reality is that we’re all in sin. Everyone needs the Saviour!

The implications of this fact include the desperate need for Christians to tell non-Christians about Jesus and the gospel. It should also bring us back to Christ in gratitude for His grace to us, that although we who believe were once sinners worthy of death, He took the punishment for us!

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