Idols: What Do We Depend On?

Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 20:21; 21:1-16

Were you laughing at people in Judah after today’s reading?

Did you say to yourself – “how could they be so stupid”?

In such days, worshiping idols were much easy to identify – bowing down in front of a gold calf or sacrifice a child in fire. But, I find it is much difficult to identify idols in present time, which makes so much easier “do evil in the eyes of the Lord” without even acknowledging what we do.

What is the first thing or person that you turn to when you are in trouble? Is it God or something else or someone else? Do you feel secure by looking at your retirement saving account? Do you feel comfortable that you have food in your kitchen cabinet? Do you sleep well because you have a “secure” employment? Do you go to your friends to seek answers to your questions?

In addition, we justify our obsession or reliance on such items with such good excuses – “everyone does that”, “I am good at what I do; hence, I have a job”, “I am a good steward by saving money”, “I am working hard to provide for my family”, “that’s how my parents have lived” (yes, this makes me repent so much about how I model myself to my own children) and so on.

Stop! What does God tell you at this moment? Can you even hear Him because there are so many other voices to deaden His voice in your life? Are you actually doing what God asks you to do – your purpose of being on this earth & your assigned role in God’s big story? Are you following God with your whole heart, just like Christ told you (Matt. 22:37-38), or are you following what “others” do or what your “heart” lead you to do (our favourite justification — “my heart is [or is not] in it”)?

Let’s spend the next 5 min. Shut down your cellphone, computer, blackberry, and all others. Close your eyes. Be still for next 5 minutes to wait upon God. Write down what you feel, sense, or hear. And be grateful for His presence in your life.

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