Human Will vs. Divine Will

Today’s Reading: Matthew 26:40-46,50-54,69-74; 27:1,3-10; Mark 14:32-34,37-39,43-47,50-52,55-64; Luke 22:41-71; John 18:1-27

Did you know that Jesus had two wills? He had a human will (“I don’t want to suffer and die”) and a divine will (May the Lord be glorified in all things). We, too, have two natures: a human (sinful) nature, and a new nature (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). And these two natures can create a civil war inside us!

Since Jesus is the best example of righteous perfection for us, we can learn a valuable lesson from His prayer in Gethsemane. The lesson is this: Whenever our human and new natures clash, choose to submit to the new. We need to learn what it means to say, “not what I want, Lord, but what you want.” And not just to say it, but to do it!

Have a blessed weekend!

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