Hear, Listen, Obey

Today’s Reading: Micah 1-2

One important verb in the Hebrew Old Testament is לשמע (leShema), which means “to hear (or, to listen).” The word is used many times to get both Israel’s and the nations’ attention to the essential message from God that is about to be said; and it’s used here in Micah 1:2, “Hear, O peoples, all of you…” Interestingly, the verb can also mean “to obey.”

As you know, there is a difference between hearing and listening in the English language. I can hear highway from my apartment, but I’d rather listen to what my wife, Tammany, has to say. In both cases, the word “shema” is used.

So, what kind of “shema” in relation to God are you doing today? Hearing? Listening? Or, obeying? May we all be able to say we are doing all three!

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