Gone Too Far

Today’s Reading: Amos 1-4

Amos 1:3 through 2:3 focuses on judgment of the sins of Israel’s neighbours—Aram, Philistia, Phoenicia, Edom, Ammon, and Moab (four of those nations were distant relatives to Israel). Amos 2:2-4:13, however, focus on judgment of the sins of Judah and Israel. That’s a ratio of 2:5!

Now notice the phrase “For three sins… Even for four…” These numbers aren’t literal, rather they are figurative language to say that these nations have “gone too far” or “crossed the line,” when it comes to sin. Amos also uses this phrase in connection with Judah and Israel (who, as it says in 3:2, were specially chosen by God!).

So, why the greater amount of content against the children of Jacob? Perhaps it is to underscore and highlight that with greater relationship comes greater responsibility. And, as it was for Israel, so it is for Christian believers today: we who have been chosen by God to be His light in this dark world have a greater responsibility to walk in His Word. Let’s not take it lightly!

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