Golden Calf, Redux

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 12:1-13:32; 2 Chronicles 11:13-14, 16-17

Congratulation, everyone! Out of 13 BIG chapters of the bible, we completed 6 of them in 5 months! Praise the Lord! Welcome to June, 2012!

King Solomon died and his son, Rehoboam, became a king. This young king accepts foolish advice of his “buddies”, instead of experienced and wise advice of his father’s counsels. As a result, Israel is now divided into two kingdoms, as foretold by God (1 King 11:9-13).

Here we go, again, with a couple of golden calves, made by Jeroboam who wants kingship and its power by securing “God” into his corner. And once again, his “false” altar was split.

When Moses found out about the golden calves at the bottom of Mt. Sinai, it was approximately 1445 BC. When Jeroboam made another set of golden calves, it was about 931 BC. After more than 500 years, the Israelites repeat their history, over and over. I am so grateful we have Jesus because I know I am no better and making mistakes over and over. Are you grateful this morning to have Jesus as your savior?

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