God’s Plan Is Detailed

Today’s Reading: Numbers 9:1-12; 1 & 2

Today’s reading seems rather simple to me with all the numbering and the order in which the Israelites marched and encamped about the tabernacle, the tent of meeting. Three tribes to each of the four sides. The tribe from which the Messiah comes, the tribe of Judah is encamped on the siderise side, the side where the entrance of the tabernacle was. The tribe of Levi, however was excluded from army duty, as they had the important job of protecting and setting up the tabernacle after traveling, or in taking it down and carrying it during a period of traveling. So we in life all have different responsiblity according to how our Lord has given us different talents and gifts. Hopefully, I will know what I am supposed to be doing and will be able to be content to carry out His plan for my life.

But at the first part of today’s reading, there are some people who are not clean, because they touched a dead body and couldn’t celebrate the great event of the Passover – the first time it had been celebrated since being delivered from Egypt. God graciously gives them permission to hold the Passover in the second month instead. However God is holy and the same rules applied! God is so gracious to me and often gives me a second chance, even although His holiness does not change. He promises me “If I confess my sins, He is faithful and just to forgive my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.” ` 1 John 1:9

Trusting in God that we will have a simple life this week, filled with the good graciousness of our loving Father.

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