God’s Commands

Today’s Reading: Ex. 29:1 – 31:18

Are you enjoying your reading so far? I must confess that I am having difficulty for the last 3 days because I am not so good at reading details. It is my weakness that I am working on, but it is still very hard to do. I am such a visual learner so that I was grateful to see the picture of what ark may have looked yesterday!

The Lord continues with his instruction to Moses on how to ordinate priests, how to make various offerings (burnt offerings, wave offering, fellowship offering, census offering, etc), how to create an altar of incense, and how to build a bronze laver where priests wash their hands, how to make anointing oil and incense. The Lord then appointed specific people to build by stating “I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of craft” and “Moreover, I have appointed … to help him”.

I find great that God does not ask us to do what he commands without instruction or without equipped people to carry out his commands. It gives me so much comfort in obeying his commands, even though I don’t feel equip to do his commands, because he prepares me and equips me to carry his commands.

Are you doing what God commands you to do today? If you feel that you are not equipped to do what he asked you to do, let’s ask him to equip us and prepare us to be able to carry his commands specifically. As much as he wants us to do his Wills, we must specifically ask him to prepare us in what we need, not just a blank statement of “please prepare me” – it should be such as “please give me specific time to write”, “please give me people to help me to lead a bible study”, “please provide me with a room where we can gather” and so on. So before we carry his commands, you need to take an inventory of what we need – place, time, people, food, equipment, other resources, childcare, etc. Then, let’s pray for all those specific items so that God can look after them for us.

We got another day to go before the end of January, 2012! Keep reading on and take care.

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